About Us


A tribute to the Rock n Roll legends we have loved and lost 


We all die 

the goal isn't to live forever 

the goal is to create something that will 

Church band members 

The Reverend Kevlar - Lead Guitar, vocals
Was resurrected in 2012 to fulfill the Mayan prophecy to 
Bring back Rock n Roll to the world as a gift from the Gods. He died September 30 1955 after actor James Dean picked him up hitch hiking. Tibetan Monks have verified all of these assertions and notarized documents can be presented upon request. 

Father T  - Lead vocals, guitar 
Has finally broken his 20 year silence to sing the Gospel also known as Rock n roll. After living with  yogis in the Himalayas for many years he has decided to seek enlightenment through Rock n Roll amongst the mountains of beautiful British Columbia. 

Brother Mark - Bass, vocals 
Still a mystery to many, he appears out of nowhere whenever the band plays and then mysteriously disappears when finished playing. No one has yet to figure out where he resides when not performing. He remains an enigma. 

The Calm Chalmers - Drums, spiritual guidance 

Providing the back-bone for the band, his calm demeanour and consistent rhythms are the glue that helps deliver our messages of Rock n Roll. His past also remains a mystery..... He speaks through music.

We play in the church band for
The Church of Rock n Roll